Thursday, January 26, 2012

Motorcycle Doula

I'm not your average doula. My politics range from liberal to radical, I'm all inked up (not that unusual for Hollywood, but not the national norm), I'm a black belt martial artist, and I like to roar around town on a motorcycle. A really zippy motorcycle.

The motorcycle riding isn't just for fun. Doulas spend a lot of time driving, and in Los Angeles, that can mean a lot of time stuck in traffic. When I'm heading to a client who lives 30 miles from my house, being able to use the carpool lane can shave an hour off my drive time.

That being said, though lots of moms-to-be admire the bike and tell me they think it's cool that I ride, I have never booked a single job when I arrive on the bike. I'm not sure if it's just too much of a clash of expectations vs. reality, but there it is. I usually take my SUV to interviews now, even though it's a gas hog. Like everyone else in this economy, I need the work. My volunteer work with Pasadena's public health department is awesome and I'm totally committed to that project, but paying clients do make it possible for me to give time elsewhere.

Then again...more and more, I'm just trying to be myself. I'm not the right doula for everyone, and that's okay! If, however, you were looking for a superhero ninja biker doula, you found her.

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